Mildred D. Muhammad - DV Survivor, Advocate, Consultant, Author, Inspirational Speaker
Black Men In America
By Gary Johnson, Founder/Publisher – Black Men In
I had seen Mildred’s interviews on CNN and FOX News. Some of the questions appeared to be anything but “fair and balanced” and the interviews were short.  There wasn’t enough time for Mildred to adequately address the questions.
I decided to reach out to Mildred to give her an opportunity to tell her story uninterrupted.   This six part interview was conducted on December 8, 2009 at Mildred's office. The interviewer is Janice Wilson, a Staff Reporter and Book Reviewer for Black Men In America.  Click   here  to view from the website.
As you watch and listen to Mildred's story, you will learn that Mildred did not seek the limelight.  She was thrust into the spotlight because her former husband was John Allen Muhammad.
Mildred has dedicated her life to helping survivors of domestic violence re-establish their lives.  
Mildred has agreed to write a monthly column on surviving domestic violence and abuse.  You can read her column and buy her book on the main web site at .
I hope you find value in this interview.
Gary Johnson
Founder &Publisher