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Murfreesboro, TN ~ Middle Tennessee State University 
Mildred Muhammad, former wife of the D.C. Sniper, John Allen Muhammad, speaks as the keynote speaker for Domestic Violence Awareness Month at ..

October 17, 2013 ~ Winston-Salem, NC
For years, Mildred Muhammad couldn’t get anyone to believe that her ex-husband, John Allen Muhammad, was abusing her because the abuse was emotional and verbal, not physical.

September 27, 2013 ~  Ft Leavenworth, KS
Mildred Muhammad doesn't have scars to be a victim of domestic violence...

Mon, 13 May, 2013 03:53 AM PDT
Nevada leads the nation in domestic abuse fatalities. So, it's only right that those against this violence in our community, and beyond, come together to stop it.

May 5, 2013

News for 2012
Wife of DC sniper tells the story you never heard: Domestic ...
November 15, 2102
Mildred Muhammad, a domestic violence survivor and the former wife of the now ... But Mildred Muhammad didn't come to the Flint area to talk about that.
YWCA luncheon with Mildred Muhammad November 14, 2012 ...
Lauren Justice | Mildred Muhammad signs copies of her book, Sacred ... Mildred Muhammad, a domestic violence survivor and the former wife of the ...
Mildred Muhammad: Washing D.C. sniper's wife reveals ... - Daily Mail
November 5, 2012...UK...Ten years after John Muhammad and his accomplice, Lee Boyd Malvo, shot dead 10 people in a murderous three-week rampage, Mildred Muhammad.
November 3, 2012 ~ NBC News, Washington, DC
News coverage on the 10th anniversary of the Beltway sniper shootings brought back a lot of painful memories for people in our area this month, especially for one woman, Mildred Muhammad.
When the former Army sergeant came home from Operation Desert Storm angry and confused,Mildred Muhammad tried to help him adjust. After he had ...
Sniper's ex-wife talks about Muhammad's abuse
October 4, 2012...Washington, DC
In an interview with WTOP, Mildred Muhammad, says when investigators first contacted her in 2003 to tell her that her ex was suspected to be the D.C. sniper, she says she was not surprised. But she said she had no idea that she might be the target of ...
Ex-Wife Of DC Sniper Reflects On Grim Anniversary
October 3, 2012...Washington, DC
Mildred Muhammad remembers living in fear, never thinking the man she was married to for 12 ...Mildred was asked if life was better without John Muhammad?
DC Sniper's Ex-Wife Says People Blamed Her for the Killings
October 3, 2012...Ricki Lake Show...EXCERPT TAPE
In the new episode, airing at 11 am on Fox 5, Mildred Muhammad, ex-wife of DC sniper John Allen Muhammad, will reveal that her husband was a really bad guy.
Ex-wife of DC sniper devotes time to stopping domestic violence
October 3, 2012, by Erich Wagner Staff writer (Maryland)
In October 2002, as sniper shootings terrorized the Washington, DC,. area, then-Clinton resident Mildred Muhammad said she was ...
Ex-wife: Sniper had untreated stress disorder
October 3, 2012, Ft Detrick, Maryland
"I think if he would have allowed himself to be treated or to let someone know he needed treatment, then it would not have been like this," Mildred Muhammad ...
Invisible wounds: Domestic violence survivor speaks at base chapel
September 29, 2012...Honolulu, HI
Mildred Muhammad, the executive director of After The Trauma, Inc., a nonprofit organization, speaks to Marines, sailors and civilians at the base chapel aboard Marine Corps Base Hawaii, Sept. 26. Behind Muhammad is a cutout bearing the name of a local ...
Domestic violence survivor speaks at JBPHH awareness event ...
September 29, 2012...Mildred D. Muhammad, author, inspirational speaker, and domestic violence ... Honolulu, HI... Joint Base Pearl-Harbor Hickam (JBPHH) hosted Mildred D. Muhammad... 21, 2012
Mildred Muhammad said she was abused for years by her husband. In 2002, after nearly a month of shootings that left 10 people dead in ...
July 16, 2012
Q: Ms. Muhammad, Dana told us about reaching out to you. She was having a hard time finding resources and support groups. Why did you feel like it was ...
July 16, 2012
An Abuse Survivor's Search for Support
By: Marci Manley, KARK 4,  

March 7, 2012 ~The Augusta Chronicle
By Kyle Martin ~ Domestic violence is often a private torment, but Mildred Muhammad's issues with her ex-husband developed into national headlines in the fall ...
News for 2011
The Montgomery Advertiser
Montgomery, Al ~ June 17, 2011
Mildred Muhammad, ex-wife of D.C. sniper John Allen Muhammad, tells her story of overcoming domestic violence at a symposium Thursday sponsored by the Alabama Department of Public Health.
Mildred Muhammad said when John Allen Muhammad returned from the war he suffered PTSD and cheated on her. When she filed for ...
MEMPHIS, TN ~ March 7, 2011
Mildred Muhammad is the ex-wife of John Allen Muhammad, the D.C. Sniper that terrorized the Washington area in 2002. \rShe\'s written a book Scared Silent, which reveals the stalking and control tactics Muhammad used on her.
    MEMPHIS, Tenn. -March 7, 2011
    Her voice, her vision, her story; Mildred Muhammad author and ex-wife of D.C. sniper John Muhammad was in Memphis and joined Good Morning Memphis to talk about her intimate story, “Scared Silent”.  Muhammad was the guest speaker at YWCA's 14th Annual Benefit Luncheon.
    News for 2010
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    Ex-wife of D.C. sniper shares tale of domestic violence
    Columbia Daily Tribune ~ Mildred Muhammad, ex-wife of DC sniper John Allen Muhammad, shared her story Thursday night at Jesse Hall on the University of Missouri campus.
    Speaker talks about breaking the cycle of violence
    The Virginia Gazette
    Sat, 21 Aug 2010 05:42 AM PDT
    JAMES CITY ~ Although she wasn't beaten, Mildred Muhammad was a victim of domestic violence...
    June 9, 2010 ~
    Muhammad's ex-wife Mildred talks about the events of 2002 and gives advice to the family of Derrick Bird, who shot dead 12 people in west Cumbria on 02 June 2010.  She was speaking to Phil Williams on BBC Radio 5 live.
    WUSA 9 Washington, D.C.Tue, 18 May 2010 17:07 PM PDT
    If you thought you were scared during the sniper attacks, imagine how Mildred Muhammad felt.
    Maryland Morning with Sheilah Kast
    John Allen Muhammad was convicted and ultimately executed for that string of murders. His ex-wife Mildred Muhammad lived in fear of him well before the ...
    KSL Salt Lake CityWed, 21 Apr 2010 17:11 PM PDT
    Mildred Muhammad, the former wife of the D.C. sniper, says his murder spree could have been avoided if people had listened to her cries for help. The domestic violence survivor spoke Wednesday at the 23rd Annual Crime Victims' Conference.
    Sussex Countian - Sarika Jagtiani - April 13, 2010
    ... DC, and its environs were panicked in autumn 2002 when John Allen Muhammad, ... So his ex-wife Mildred was stunned to hear later from the Bureau of ...
    Courage Network interviews Mildred Muhammad the ex-wife of the late D.C. Sniper, John Muhammad. Mildred discusses her experience with domestic violence in the years prior to the shootings, her work as an advocate with her organization After the Trauma and her book Scared Silent. She also discusses domestic violence in military families and how it escalates.
    Burlington Times News - Apr 2, 2010
    His ex-wife, Mildred Muhammad, had already fought him to regain custody of their ... She knew that John Muhammad was capable of abuse. Mildred Muhammad...
    News for 2009
    The BBC's International Radio Station
    The ex-wife of the Washington Sniper describes life with the man behind the 2002 killing spree...
    CBS 11 - Dallas,TX,USA
    Read more in our Privacy Policy Mildred Muhammad, the ex-wife of now executed DC sniper John Allen Muhammad, speaks at a Dallas Church. ...
    Nov 6, 2009 ...Mildred Muhammad says if the police and others "had just listened" to her, the victims of the D.C. snipers might still be alive and ...
    The Washington TimesFri, 06 Nov 2009 03:48 AM PST
    MildredMuhammad says if the police and others "had just listened" to her, the victims of the D.C. sniper might still be alive and ex-husband John Allen Muhammad would not be facing execution next week. "If they just would have listened, if they just would have put his name in the [National Crime Information Center], if he had been debriefed, if he had been counseled," she said, shaking her head ...
    Richmond Times Dispatch - Thur, 29 Oct 2009, Richmond,VA,USA
    Dr. Park Dietz, a forensic psychiatrist and the expert hired by the state to conduct a pretrial psychiatric evaluation of John Muhammad, agrees with the motive theory outlined in "Scared Silent" by Mildred Muhammad...
    The Official Homepage of The US Army ~ Oct 8, 2009 ... "Domestic violence is not just physical. It is emotional, verbal, psychological, economic, stalking and sexual assault.
    FOX 5 Washington D.C.Fri, 09 Oct 2009 07:56 AM PDT
    In her new book, MildredMuhammad talks about the discovery that her ex-husband John Muhammad was responsible for the shootings.  She stopped by FOX 5 News to discuss the book.
    News & Messenger Wed, 07 Oct 2009 15:20 PM PDT
    MildredMuhammad, ex-wife of D.C. sniper mastermind John Muhammad, remembers her estranged husband coming into her house after their divorce, standing over her as she slept.
    FOX 5 Exclusive Interview with Mildred Muhammad
    Tuesday, October 6, 2009
    Washington Post, Monday 5, 2009
    For three weeks in October 2002, an anonymous gunman terrorized the Washington region, killing 10 people at random. Who could do such a thing? And why?
    NPRMon, 05 Oct 2009 23:37 PM PDT
    MildredMuhammad says the random murders of 10 people in 2002 were part of an attempt to commit the perfect crime: to kill her and divert suspicion to a crazed gunman. She says she endured emotional and mental abuse throughout her 12-year marriage to John Muhammad and hopes to help other domestic violence victims with her new book, Scared Silent.
    Sep 28, 2009 ...Mildred Muhammad introduces new book, "Scared Silent" on Sept.24. Ivy Bigbee photo (C) Note: In weeks ahead, DC True Crime Examiner …
    By NAFEESA SYEED AP Writer , The Associated Press - WASHINGTON 
    As the ex-wife of the notorious D.C. sniper emptied herself during a 30-day fast five years ago, one question tormented her — why did he want to kill her?...
    Contra Costa Times - Walnut Creek,CA,USA
    Mildred Muhammad, executive director of the Washington, DC based After the Trauma, speaks of her ex-husband "DC Sniper" John Allen Muhammad and how domestic ...
    Poughkeepsie Journal - Poughkeepsie,NY,USA
    "There are so many organizations working on (combating) domestic violence, but it's not being recognized as a serious social disease," Mildred Muhammad, ...
    Waterbury Republican American - Waterbury,CT,USA
    "To regret my life with him would be to regret my children," Mildred Muhammad said Thursday. "Since I am not responsible for his actions, then it is OK for ...
    WBAL TV - Baltimore,MD,USA
    Mildred Muhammad spoke Friday at an awards ceremony honoring those who help domestic ... All who attended the event heard Mildred Muhammad explain how her ...
    ABC 2 BaltimoreFri, 08 May 2009 14:08 PM PDT
    It's been 6 and a half years since John Allen Muhammad, also known as the D.C. sniper terrorized our entire area. His ex-wife, Mildred Muhammad will never forget the fear...
    FOX 41 Louisville, KY, May 28, 2009
    Mildred Muhammad hopes her story will help other domestic violence victims.
    St Paul's College ~ Project Stop!
    January 27, 2009
    Sniper Victim is Also Survivor
    Albany, NY
    News for 2008
    Interview with Kellibrew
    December 21, 2008
    Washington College
    October 29, 2008
    October 18, 2008
    by Jewish Women International
    Arlington Connection
    D.C. sniper’s ex-wife speaks out about abuse she suffered at his hands.
    September 29, 2008
    Friday, September 26, 2008
    No Longer in Sniper's Shadow
    Interview w/Chris Jenkins
    Washington Post
    Interview/WHUR FM 96.3
    Saturday, June 28, 2008,
    7:00 - 7:30am EST
    The Sighlient Storm
    Host: Mandrell Birks & Denise McCain
    Interview/Radio One
    WOLB 1010AM
    Thursday, June 19, 2008
    4:00 - 5:00pm EST
    The Devon Blackwood ShowHost: Devon Blackwood
    June 9, 2008
    Interview on WUSA9.
    Washington DC
    TruTV aka Court TV
    The DC Sniper's Wife
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    This special tells the story of the pervasive fear during the “D.C. Sniper” shootings and how the investigation unfolded. How did John Allen Muhammad, who once seemed like a loving husband and kind father, turn threatening and manipulative and, finally, into an infamous serial killer who brainwashed a teenager to be his accomplice? Through interviews with law enforcement, journalists, John Allen’s ex-wife and their friends who knew him best, “The Mildred Muhammad Story” paints a chilling portrait of a man that hatched one of the most infamous series of shootings in US history.  TV-14 V
    An Audio Interview
    Abundance Solutions Hour
    Internet Blog Talk Radio
    Recorded: April 11, 2007
    Sniper’s ex-wife speaks on abuse
    Advocate staff writer
    Published: Feb 21, 2008
    Mildred Muhammad describes ex-husband’s downward spiral
    Teen Action Campaign and New Website on Drug Abuse
    By Derene
    Mildred Muhammad is the ex-wife of the man known as the “DC Sniper,” who is now working to help other survivors of domestic violence. She has a very compelling story to tell about her experiences as a survivor of domestic violence;
    News for 2007