Mildred D. Muhammad - DV Survivor, Author, Recognized Int'l/Nat'l Expert Speaker
Survivor's Testimonials

November 20, 2012

As-Salaam Alaikum Sister Mildred, 

I just saw your story on the own network and wanted to reach out to you and thank you for having the courage to tell it.

Don't know if you remember but you helped me get out of a very volition relationship with my ex-husband and I am immensely grateful to Allah that your words guided me and allowed me to see a way out. Please keep doing what you do my sister. WE NEED YOU!

Sister Yavonda Muhammad


August 4, 2012

My Testimony:

I have been married since 2001. Before getting married, I had been a single mother of a son living in California. When I met the man who would become my husband, I believed I met a stable sane man who loved and practiced our religion, just as I loved and practiced our religion. Everything was great for the first year. 

The second year is when I met my real husband. I had moved from California to Illinois, leaving behind my family and friends. This man had begun to have affairs and he was verbally and physically abusive towards me. I put up with this abuse for many years, until one day recently, enough was enough. By this time he and I had 4 children together, making the total number of children 5. 

I confronted him about a young woman he was seeing and became physically abusive. I had been a stay at home mother for many years so I didn't know what to do, being that I had no income. I felt alone. That is when Allah (God) directed me to Sis. Mildred Muhammad. 

She guided me over the phone from start to finish on how to regain my freedom or overall sanity from this person. I did what she instructed me, and today, I am separated from this man with divorce papers submitted to the courts. 

Again, I would like to thank Sis. Mildred Muhammad for being a Sister and Friend.


July 21, 2012

My name is Dana Love and I left a domestic violence relationship in March if this year. I was so relieved to have finally left after 2 and 1/2 years of dealing with this relationship. I was also met immediately with so many emotions and thoughts ...mostly all negative and I needed support. I had family support but I also had a desire to be around other women that had faced the same obstacle and how they coped with these feelings. 

I called the domestic violence hotline number and I was given information about local organizations in Little Rock, Ar where I could participate in support groups.  I was also given information by advocates here in Little Rock also. I called several different numbers starting in March thinking that it would be so simple to find the support I needed because I also remember everyone always saying once you leave there is help. 

I called these groups and was told by a couple of the organizations that I had to reside at the facility to be able to recieve the support I needed, and some places would say they didn't have any services and then reference me to the same places that said I had to reside there. I also rememeber leaving voice messages with a few different organizations asking for help and to please call me back if I had the wrong number and just never got a call back. I became so frustrated and confused and hurt because it seemed like everyone supported me by leaving the relationship but once I finally did there was no support from my community that I needed. 

I had given up and on the support groups and thankfully I had my family support ..especially my aunt Jackie to help me through day to day. I had also read a lot of material on domestic violence from online services, and checking out material from the library.

I googled domestic violence and I saw a book called Scared Silent by Mildred Muhammad. I read a few pages and I decided I definitely wanted to see what this book was about. I also thought finally a book writen by someone who has gone through this. I started reading the book and I saw where she said that anyone could email her and she would respond back. I was thinking what are the chances that a actual author of a book is going to respond when some of my local organizations didn't, but I emailed her anyway. 

I was explaining to her that i wasn't able to find local support groups here since March when I started looking. She immediately responded back to me and she also reassured me that she would check around my area for the support I was looking for. 

The next few days I received more emails each with local support groups and each time I called these numbers ,although all of the numbers and references she gave I had already contacted but I still tried again. I felt myself becoming more frustrated and alone again and I shared those thoughts with Ms. Muhammad after calling these numbers and speaking with this person and leaving voice messages again. I explained to her that I really appreciated her actually taking the time out to show support to me but that I was done making these phone calls because it wasn't helping. 

The same day I sent that email to her just a hour later my phone started ringing asking me was I looking for support groups for domestic violence and that it the support was available. I couldn't believe that since March I hadn't gotten anywhere but with the help of Ms.Muhammad I was finally told there are support groups here.

I was invited to attend the meetings which I started immediately and I was so excited. I really enjoy the support groups and being with the women and feeling like no one is judging me or looking at me and thinking you poor thing, or people pushing me away like they are embarrassed of me. 

I found the support I needed because of her outreach and I'm so grateful. I still email and she still responds back to me each time...which is still kinda unbelievable but thank you Ms.Mildred Muhammad and I appreciate you very much.